Last mile just got shorter


Serve your customers, any time, any place

Need a perfect fit for urban areas? With Agora 24/7: the ease of use and a praised UX with an accessible location your last-mile delivery will be taken to the next level. Have access to real-time data and optimise the use of available delivery capacity, routes and timetables with precision. Serve your customers and never miss a delivery again, thanks to Agora, the most cost-efficient last-mile solution.


High package capacity.


No input needed with QR codes and NFC/Bluetooth.


Scale up if neeed. Modular design of our product can enable additional services.


Minimal footprint. Fits anywhere.

Tailored user experience

Completely customizable user interface to enable best digital customer journey from online shop to parcel pickup.


Indoor and outdoor. Whenever.

Weather proofed

Kept warm (+15C) on cold weather, air ventilated, cooled for hot area zones.


Cloud based service for easy integration with any logistics ERP system.



Last mile in

robot's hands

Agora's patented systems allow you to handle your parcels with todays and tomorrows technology.


Any shape, form, capacity, and purpose

A perfect fit for your last-mile delivery channels. Agora 24/7 platform manages all your capacity and needs in real-time. Do you want to know your consumers behavior during pick-ups? Do you know how effective your couriers are, in any network? Do you know where your parcels are? No more parcels lost in digital space. We can help.