Agora is an active investment opportunity in last mile logistics

Value: Consumer, Pick-up point, E-commerce, Stores, Courier, Out door advertising

We create value to our partners & owners

Agora provides technology driven, cost efficient services, and value adding platform for online retailers, logistics operators and urban citizens enabling fast, reachable, and convenient parcel deliveries and spot on DOOH advertising.

Flexibility to service your needs

The perfect platform to integrate various smart city applications valued by urban citizens, such as on time local information and news, faster connections with 5G, local air quality, creating safer and greener neighbourhoods.

What is Agora?

  1. Data-driven tech savvy platform is in the core of Agora
  2. Modern urban outdoor furniture with digital surfaces for advertising
  3. A novel bridge between brick & mortar and e-commerce benefiting both retail and logistics. Designed to realise the benefits of click and collect.
  4. Fully automated and 24/7 accessible solution for parcel deliveries
  5. Enables temperature controlled storage such as groceries and pharmaceuticals
  6. Streamline parcel flows with real time storage capacity information

Global trends are working as a catalyst for Agora’s growth.

Key drivers & trends


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