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Enabling smarter and more sustainable deliveries

Parcel deliveries are booming and consumer demand for better sustainability and smoother delivery experiences are driving logistics companies to find smarter and more sustainable solutions. Agora offers a cost-efficient solutions that improves the sustainability of last-mile deliveries and creates a best-in-class user experience


Our people

Agora is an innovation leader disrupting last-mile logistics and supporting sustainability. Our team of innovators consist of experts with unparalleled industry experience and proven track records in a variety of successful projects and product launches.


Our story

E-commerce and, accordingly, parcel deliveries are booming. This boom is pushing the limits of existing logistics networks. Traditional last-mile logistic solutions (home delivery, manned pick-up points, 1st gen indoor parcel lockers) do not have capacity to handle the growing parcel traffic efficiently. What’s more, changing consumer needs necessitate alternatives that satisfy the demand for better sustainability and improved customer experiences. Agora 24/7 offers a cost-efficient solution that improves the sustainability of last-mile deliveries and creates a best-in-class user experience. Agora 24/7’s mission is to make ’Never miss a delivery’ the new normal in logistics



The well-being of our planet depends on all of us. Agora 24/7 develops modern delivery solutions designed to help make our cities more sustainable and people friendly by reducing traffic congestion, noise and carbon dioxide emission



We are always looking for ambitious individuals interested in working with state-of-the-art technologies.

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