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Agora is a modern delivery solution for smarter and more sustainable cities


Why we’re here


The well-being of our planet depends on all of us. Agora 24/7 develops modern delivery solutions designed to help make our cities more sustainable and people friendly by reducing traffic congestion, noise and carbon dioxide emissions.

Smarter cities

We live in a society that consumes information at an exponentially increasing pace, and this requires a dense network of sensors, monitors and relay stations. Our delivery points can be utilized as platforms for a variety of technological devices ranging from 5g towers to weather stations and air quality sensors.

Efficient last-mile logistics

In the world of logistics, the last mile is often the most challenging one: it is slow, inefficient and costly. Our automated delivery points offer a modern solution that reduces costs, speeds delivery time and improves the customer experience.


Our technology

Fast and fully automated

Agora helps make last-mile deliveries more cost efficient by offering advantages that save time and costs. Our solution provides up-to-date capacity information to couriers, making it easier to optimize delivery routes. The fully automated one-door design of our units reduces parcel drop-off and pick-up times significantly compared to traditional parcel lockers with multiple doors. 

24/7 outdoor access

Round-the-clock outdoor access means couriers can drive right up to the unit for drop-off and pick-up, eliminating the need for time- and space consuming trolleys and carts. Traffic congestion in urban areas decreases as delivery trucks can operate during less congested hours and the diminished space requirement means smaller vehicles can be used for deliveries. 

Best-in-class user experience

With 24/7 access, consumers can pick up their parcels without needing to worry about opening hours. Agora’s intuitive user interface makes parcel retrieval simple and fast and on-screen content can easily be tailored to include e.g. scannable codes, satisfaction surveys and targeted promotions.

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For Businesses

See for yourself how it works

Book a personal demo with our experts for a quick 30-minute tour of the solution and a demonstration of how Agora 24/7 will enable smarter and more sustainable deliveries.