Agora is an active investment opportunity in last mile logistics

Agora Network Oy, based in Helsinki, Finland, has been developing Agora 24/7 – the modern delivery solution since 2016. Agora Network has ambitious growth strategy to become a global leader in last mile logistics.

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Huge market opportunity

Ecommerce and accordingly parcel deliveries are booming. As urban last-mile deliveries are expected to grow by 78% through 2030, the growth of ecommerce is pushing the limits of existing logistics networks.

Traditional last mile logistics solutions (home delivery, manned distribution points, first generation indoor parcel lockers) no longer handle the growing parcel volumes efficiently or meet the changing consumer needs for more sustainable and smooth deliveries. There is a global need for efficient, smart and automated last mile logistics solutions. And Agora Network has developed the solution.

References: Statista (2020); Pitney-Bowes Global Parcel Index, growth in number of lockers (2020)


Revolutionary concept for cost efficient and sustainable last mile deliveries

Agora Network has developed next generation delivery solution to the last mile market with highly advanced, fully automated 24/7 access outdoor parcel delivery kiosks and open-API software platform integrated into the ecommerce value chain enabling to deliver data driven digital services.

Agora 24/7 integrated end-to-end solution provides superior solutions for parcel delivery, branded customer experience and outdoor advertising as well as smart cities. All areas of rapid growth in the future!


Rapid payback model

Agora Network has an attractive business model with multiple monthly recurring revenue streams. Agora Network’s multiuse modern delivery solution brings revenues from logistics (parcel delivery), digital media and advertising, 5G connectivity and other smart city solutions as well as data and analytics services.

There are already multi-year commercial contracts in place with key partners in logistics, advertising, retail and 5G infrastructure. And several negotiations are going on with additional commercial partners.


Solid business plan and growth strategy

Operationally tested in 2020, Agora Network’s modern delivery solution is now being rolled out in Finland before moving to other Nordic and European markets. 

Agora Network’s solution has been designed, developed and tested for swift roll out as well as for agility and flexibility. There’s an opportunity to expand rapidly into other European countries after building a strong position in the first three markets. 


Ambitious team of experts

Key people behind Agora Network’s growth strategy have exceptional technical and commercial experience. 

  1. Ykä Huhtala, CTO and co-founder, has extensive experience in software, telecom and technology. He has developed and commercialized software, mobile applications and services used by millions of consumers today.
  2. Mika Salokangas, CEO, has vast experience from global blue-chip companies e.g. from logistics, transaction-intensive trade, consumer goods, automotive and advertising industries.
  3. Jukka Puiro, CFO and COO, has experience and expertise in finance, business dynamics, value creation models and project management having worked in management consulting with focus on growth strategies and business development.

Agora’s Board of Directors:

  1. Stig Gustavson, Chairman of the Board
    Founder and former CEO and Chairman of Konecranes, Chairman and Board member of numerous corporations including IK Investment Partners, Outokumpu, Varma, Ahlstrom Capital
  2. Tapio Hintikka
    Experienced senior executive, previously Chairman of Telia, Head of Nokia General Communications, CEO of Hackman
  3. Ykä Huhtala
    See previous
  4. Lennart Simonsen
    Senior lawyer, PE executive, private investor, previously CEO of CapMan
  5. Mats Wolontis
    Extensive experience from Finnish startups and fast-growing businesses, with numerous past and current Board appointments, previously various managerial roles at Nokia
  6. Anders Holmén
    CEO at Fyrklöver Invest, Board member of K. Hartwall and Etukodit, previously with CapMan

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