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Grow sales, excel in customer experience 

To take advantage of the boom in e-commerce, retailers and e-vendors need fast and cost-efficient delivery solutions they can rely on. Agora helps vendors create excellent customer experiences by providing cost-efficient deliveries and offering a digital platform for targeted advertising and brand building.


Why choose Agora 24/7

Lower costs for deliveries

Agora offers a cost-effective solution to the challenge of last-mile deliveries by making it easier to optimize delivery times and routes, minimizing the need for large delivery trucks and making missed deliveries a thing of the past.

Improved branded experience

To ensure high customer retention, it is essential to create an end-to-end branded experience that does not stop when the parcel is picked up by the logistics carrier. Agora makes it easy to be a part of the customer journey right up to the point of pick-up.

Happier customers

Happy customers make for happy vendors, and happy customers are created by best-in-class customer experiences. Agora’s solution offers multiple alternatives for tailoring the customer experience and makes it easy to include branded advertising and targeted promotions at every point of the delivery journey.

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See for yourself how it works

Book a personal demo with our experts for a quick 30-minute tour of the solution and a demonstration of how Agora 24/7 will enable smarter and more sustainable deliveries.